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An important message to all GRADE 12 STUDENTS!


This is an reminder that the marks will be sent to OCAS and OUAC by the board at various times throughout the year.  These marks will be used as the basis for an offer of admission to post-secondary programs.  Some students will receive 'conditional offers' that could be revoked if failing or low marks are received at semester two mid terms or final marks. Most colleges and universities DO NOT save space for students who need to start working in the second half of semester or need to go to summer school to upgrade.  It is the RESPONSIBILITY of the student to do their research with the appropriate school regarding low marks and status of entrance. 


Therefore, it is imperative that you complete the required work by the deadlines given by your teachers.  Most grade 12 teachers will have given final deadlines for submitting work in order for the work to be marked and counted towards your April mid-term report card.  Work received after the deadline does not need to be marked for the the midterm.  This may adversely affect your admission to post-secondary studies.  You, and you alone, are responsible for your ultimate success!  Completing work in a timely manner and attending classes are good indicators of success.....YOU control both of these!



Inside the Dream-refer now! Graduation expenses financial aid

Inside The Dream is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to maintaining students' self-image and self-esteem. It was created to alleviate the financial burden of graduation expenses that some students are not able to afford.
check out    http://www.insidethedream.org for more info


​Parents and students are invited to visit the Student Services- Post Secondary drop down menu, of the PCSS website, as there is important information posted about applying to colleges and universities, as well as information on apprenticeship and going to work, after graduating



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