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Please refer to the websites below for updated information due to pandemic and admisssions. Students are advised to check the FAQ's for each school they have applied to, in order to stay current on the information for that particular school.



Ontario undergraduate admission-University




Ontario undergraduate admissions- College

 ontariocolleges.ca website. For information on how Ontario’s public colleges are managing COVID-19, please refer to each college’s website. A full list of college websites can be found on the ontariocolleges.ca Contact the Colleges page.


Did not receive an offer?  Please read below.


For students who did not get an offer for admissions to university programs, starting in early June, they may access the Admission Information Site (AIS) to see what programs still have seats.  They may adjust their application for applying to these open programs.    OUAC Flyers What is still open.pdf


For students who did not get an offer for admissions to a college programs, they may go on the college application website NOW,   http://www.ocas.ca, view what programs are still available, and  apply to these programs that still have seats.



Government link for those graduating from Gr. 12 that  have applied for post secondary.
How much you can get: Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB) - Canada.ca




P.C.S.S. Post Secondary Pathways Assemblies: Fall 2019


Pathways Assembly pptGrade 11 2019 Pathways.pdf


Pathways Assembly pptGrade 12 2019.pdf




Port Credit S.S. Post Secondary Pathways Fair 2020Thurs. Nov. 19th  (morning & lunch)

Each grade 11 and 12 student is to sign up for 3 workshops and attend these for the

morning.  Pathway timetables may be picked up starting at 8 a.m. on Nov. 19th.  Afternoon

classes run as usual. All grades may visit the fair during their lunch hour.  Grade 11/12 students are to go to www.pcsonline.com > student web on the front page and log in there to select 3 workshops of their choice. Please do this by Nov. 1st. After this date, Guidance will select workshops for students.

PLEASE NOTE:  this event will need to be confirmed closer to the date due to covid-19.




Applying to College: (2020-2021)


Instructions for applying:              


Applying to University  (2020-2021)


Instruction for applying:            


Ontario Universities' Fair (OUF): September 2020
The OUF is the only event where you can see all Ontario universities in one place! It's a once-a-year, free event where attendees can speak directly with university faculty and representatives.


The OUF will  take place virtually  in Sept. 2020 .


Visit: www.ontariouniversitiesfair.ca  for more information.


Ontario Colleges Fair:  Fall 2020





Apprenticeship Information:    www.apprenticesearch.com






                                                    www.skillscompetencescanada.com    (download app about trades)

                                                    www.carsandjobs.com ( careers in automotive sector)


College Information:                 www.ontariocolleges.ca





University Information:             www.ouac.on.ca






University Fair                         www.ontariouniversitiesfair.ca



International Education

and Exchange programs:          www.ncaa.org                                 (NCAA)

                                                     www.prepskills.com                        (PSAT,SAT preparation)

                                                     www.princetonreview.com              (PSAT, SAT,ACT)

                                                     www.canadalawfromabroad.com   (Canada law from abroad)

                                                     http://ca.studyacrossthepond.com  (Study in Britain)







Study and Go Aboard Fair        www.studyandgoabroad.com    


US College Expo Canada          www.uscollegeexpo.com                (USA colleges/universities fair)


Go Global Expo                          www.letsgoglobal.ca                       (studying in other countries)


GAP Year                                     www.lattitudecanada.org                (gap year placements)


Transfer Guide:                           www.ontransfer.ca

                                                     EXCELLENT resource for pathway planning!

                                                     (transfer program information between various institutions)


                                                     (support to find post-secondary pathways that may not follow

                                                     the traditional path from secondary school)


Employment Information:       www.jobpostings.ca








 Employment Services:          Mississauga   905-276-9322 ext. 210

                                                  (YMCA of Greater Toronto)


                                                  www.mobilizejobs.com  (jobs across Canada)


 Transition Resource:             www.transitionresourceguide.ca

                                                  (support services for students at post-secondary institutions)



Financial Assistance:             www.ontario.ca/osap          (OSAP)

                                                  https://scholartree.ca          (awards portal)

                                                  https://atila.ca                     (awards portal)






                                                  www.mycampusGPS.ca           (NEW)




George Brown: How to finance Post Secondary  presentation

                                                2017  FINANCE_PDF compressed.pdf




Tip: visit the scholarship/award binder in the back of the Guidance Office as information comes in on a weekly basis and is keep here. Also, check with family members as there may be awards available to students through a family's place of employment. Many post- secondary

institutions also offer awards for students.  Go to the individual school site of that post secondary institutions.


General Research:     www.makingmyway.ca

                                     www.osca.ca                            (student section)

                                     www.myBlueprint.ca/peel         Access through BYOD 

                                     www.jobspeopledo.com           UN: PEELJPD

                                                                                      PW: PDSB


What's Next?             Your Guide to Education and Career/Life Planning in Ontario  








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