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Rick Hansen is proud to be a member school in the Region of Peel Secondary School Athletic Association.  The Rick Hansen 'STORM' teams compete against over 60 other high schools in the Association.  


In the Fall season (starting in September) STORM teams compete in Girls' Basketball, Coed Cross Country Running, Girls' Flag Football, Boys' Golf, Coed Tennis and Boys' Volleyball.


In the Early Winter season (starting in late October or early November), we compete in Coed Swimming and Girls' and Boys' Table Tennis.


During the Winter (usually starting in late November or early December) we compete in Boys' Basketball, Girls' Volleyball and Coed Wrestling.


The Early Spring season (March and April through to May) sees competition in Girls' and Boys' Indoor Cricket and Coed Badminton.


The Spring season (late April until June) sees competitive experiences in Archery, Boys' Baseball, Girls' Slopitch, Boys' and Girls' Soccer, Ball Hockey, Coed Track and Field and Coed Ultimate.


Throughout the entire school year our National Champion Cheer team trains and competes.


To follow your favorite team you can access current standings and schedules on the ROPSSAA Scores website (www.ropssaascores.com).


For more information on our programs or volunteer opportunities please contact Ms. Adams in the Physical Education department at 905-567-4260 ext. 474.

High school athletics are not only fun, but help students develop a healthy sense of competition that helps individuals develop physically, emotionally, mentally and socially.

To learn more about athletics in Peel, visit the Region of Peel Secondary School Athletic Association.

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