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Students entering RHSS from a feeder school will be given several opportunities from school tours to open houses to acquaint themselves with life at RHSS prior to beginning their grade 9 year.


In late September/early October, RHSS organizes a grade 8 open house where parents and students are invited to learn about the school. Parents and students will hear about the great opportunities available to students from academics and trade programs, music and arts, school supports, athletics, and extracurricular clubs. Parents will learn about courses and course types offered, have the opportunity to tour the school, visit subject areas, and meet school staff.


In mid October, guidance counsellors and student ambassadors will visit your feeder school to provide you with information about the school, grade 9 courses and course types, the course selection process, extracurricular clubs and sport teams, and important dates.



For the 2020-2021 school year:

  • Parents' night will be held virtually on Wednesday, November 11th starting at 6:00pm.
  • RHSS staff will be hosting a virtual assembly in November.
  • Students will be able to select their grade 9 courses using myblueprint.ca. Later in the school year, students might have an opportunity to visit RHSS during the school day to experience part of a secondary school day.



Course Selection Process

  • Completed through gr. 8 home school
  • December 1st-18th, 2020



  • RHSS Counsellors visit gr. 8 students at their school
  • Students are provided with a green 'Course Selection' form to bring home to be signed by a parent/guardian
  • The signed 'Course Selection' form is returned to the student's gr.8 homeroom teacher


  • *Students enter courses as a class at their gr. 8 school using myBlueprint  between December 1st and 18th, 2020.
  • A 'Course Verification' form is printed from myBlueprint and is brought home to be signed by a parent/guardian
  • The signed 'Course Verification' form is returned to the student's gr. 8 homeroom teacher
  • Students can apply to 'Explore High Skills' (EHS) programs via the Peel District School Board's 'Making my Way' website


  • The signed 'Course Verification' forms are brought to RHSS by the gr. 8 Guidance Counsellors

*  Once courses have been submitted using myBlueprint, any course changes made in myBlueprint will not be uploaded to the school's database*



Explore High Skills

Explore High Skills is a Peel District School Board pathway program that allows secondary schools with Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) programs to offer a unique specialized program choice for grade 9 and 10 students. 


These sector-related programs are available to students in all skill levels and in all pathways. Specialized programs in grade 9 provide unique learning experiences to engage students as they transition to high school. Students can focus their learning on an area of interest as they build self-confidence, learn essential skills, and develop a sense of belonging in school and in the community.


Explore High Skills students will participate in:

  • focused learning activities related to the sector that allow students to make connections between their learning and their pathway plans
    community involvement ​where students participate in 20 hours of approved, sector-related volunteer activities that count towards their high school diploma
  • learning Skills development with specific connections made to skills required in the workplace
  • certification and training in grade 9 or 10 that is sector-recognized in the workplace
  • an experiential learning activity in grade 9 or 10, supported by business, community, and/or industry partners
  • Individual Pathway Plan (IPP) development in myBlueprint, including post-secondary planning, career exploration, resume building and more

Take a virtual tour​ of RHSS. Enter the school. Stroll through the halls to visit our program areas. 



On Wednesday, November 11th, RHSS hosted a virtual gr. 8 parents night. Parents in attendance were made aware of life at RHSS and heard from all department areas as well as students. If you were unable to attend of would like to re-visit any of the information presented, please view the video of the evening's presentation or you can veiw the contents of this powerpoint presentation for a brief summary.

Grade 8 Course Selection Presentation​ - Important information students need to know about life at RHSS including the course selection process.


Academic and Applied Type Courses Explained


Grade 9 Course Offerings

​SubjectCourse ​Course Code ​Subject ​Course ​Course Code
​English ​ ​​English (Academic - De-streamed)ENG 1D ​Mathematics ​​Mathematics (Academic - De-streamed)MPM 1D
​English (Locally Developed)ENG 1L​Mathematics (Locally Developed)MAT 1L
Geography ​ ​​Geography of Canada (Academic)CGC 1DScience ​ ​​Science (Academic)SNC 1D
​Geography of Canada (Applied)CGC 1P​Science (Applied)SNC 1P
​Science (Locally Developed)SNC 1L
​French ​ ​​French (Academic)FSF 1D ​Health and Physical Education ​ ​​Healthy Active Living ​ (Co-gender)PPL 1O ​ ​
​French (Applied)


​French (Beginner)FSF 1O
Subject ​CourseCourse CodeSubject ​Course ​Course Code
The Arts ​ ​ ​Visual Arts (Open)AVI 1OBusiness and Technology ​ ​ ​ ​ ​​Exploring Technologies (Open) ​TIJ 1O



​Instrumental Music - Beginner(Open)AMI 1O3

​Hospitality and Tourism (Open) ​



Business App Solutions





​Instrumental Music - Experienced(Open)AMI 1O5BTT 1O
Vocal/Choral Music (Open)


​Guitar (Open)AMG 1O​ 
​Dance (Open) ATC 1O
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​SPECIAL EDUCATION COURSE (for students with an IEP)
Special Education​Learning Strategies GLE 1O ​ ​ ​
Core ESL ​ ​ ​ ​

​Stage 1


ESL AOESL Support Classes ​ ​ ​ ​​Canadian Geography ​CGC 1PL ​ ​ ​

​Stage 2

(Low Intermediate)


​Stage 3


ESL CO​Science ​SNC 1PL ​

​Stage 4

(High Intermediate)


Stage 5

(Bridge to Mainstream English)

ESL EOLearning StrategiesGLS 1OL
Dramatic ArtsADA 1OL



Once students, in consultation with their gr. 8 teacher(s) and parents, have determined appropriate courses to take, and have completed their grade 9 course selection option sheet, will login to myBlueprint to select their courses. If this is the first time that myBlueprint is being used, a myBlueprint account will need to be created. If you need assistance in creating a myBlueprint account, read these instructions



Grade 9 registration occurs during the last week of the summer break. On this day, students will have their photo taken for their student ID card, will receive their timetable, have a locker assigned to them, and purchase a year book. The cost for the current school year, including the yearbook, is $70. The cost for the current school year, without the yearbook, is $30.


Grade 9 orientation day, also known as 'Enter the Storm', occurs on the first day of school. Only grade 9 students are in attendance. During this day, students will participate in a variety of activities designed to help assimilate them into school life. Students are asked to wear comfortable clothing and running shoes.



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