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How to Succeed at Rick Hansen Secondary School

·   Select appropriate courses based on interests and abilities.  Know your options – research: speak to school staff and students who have taken the course, look at course descriptions in myBlueprint or the 'student friendly' course descriptions

·   Attend all classes (and arrive on time)

·   Get involved.  Join a school sports team or club

·   Prioritize your time.  Create a schedule to complete homework.  Balance school work with extracurricular activities

·   Ensure you get a sufficient amount of sleep

·   Be organized.  Ensure your binders are organized and tidy.  Avoid having loose papers in your binder.

·   Use a personal electronic device or an agenda to organize your time and to record homework, assignments and test dates.  Use the reminder function and check daily to remind yourself of important events and school work

·   Ensure you have a quiet place to do your homework/study for tests

·   Review course notes daily.  Review your course notes to refresh your memory on course material

·   Set goals to achieve and record goals in your agenda.  Work hard to achieve these goals by prioritizing your time, being organized and efficient, studying and completing course work on time.  If you are not meeting your goals, taking action by seeking assistance from a teacher, or your guidance counsellor

·   Complete your homework

·   Study for tests.  Don`t leave it until the night before.  Create a study schedule (topics to study on each day) and test yourself

·   Be the best student you can be.  Respect yourself and everyone else in the school

·   Follow the school’s rules

·  Prepare for your exams well in advance 

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