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Learning online is an option that can suit the varied schedules, interests and strengths of students.


The Peel board offers two online learning options:

eLearning courses are offered either by Peel or through the Ontario eLearning Consortium (OeLC). The OeLC is a collaboration of boards that work together to offer eLearning courses to students. Peel is a member of the OeLC. This partnership enables the Peel District School Board to offer an expanded list of eLearning courses for our students.


eLearning courses are equivalent to day-time school courses. They count toward a student’s course load. As such, eLearning courses will appear on a student’s timetable.


Peel students, who meet the requirements below, will be able to take eLearning courses.


eLearning is not to be taken as a 5th/6th/7th credit during a semester.


Requirements for taking an eLearning Course:


eLearning courses are available to those students who:


• are currently enrolled in and taking either two or three credits in a Peel day school.


• need to complete a course that is not offered at their day school, or is already at its capacity, or qualify to upgrade their previous mark


• have consistent access to the Internet via a computer


Peel students can take up to one eLearning course per semester.

Is online learning right for me?


Successful online learners tend to be self-motivated, well-organized and responsible.  Just as in a regular classroom, students work independently and in groups, interact with a teacher, and complete assignments.  Students will be evaluat​ed using a variety of assessments similar to a regular classroom, including final exams. Students enrolled in online courses are expected to complete regular individual and group assignments, and contribution frequently to online discussions. The benefits of online courses include:

  • improved communication technology knowledge and skills
  • enhanced time management skills
  • independent learning opportunities
  • access to courses free of time tabling and scheduling constraints
  • access to a community of learners who also may be unable to take traditional courses

Students should speak to their guidance counsellor about their choice to take an online course.


Registering for an eLearning course

Students wishing to register for an eLearning course will need to speak with their gudiance counsellor and complete the eLearning registration form.

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