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Post Secondary Pathways

Life after RHSS -  a presentation making you aware of your options and things you need to know for life beyond RHSS.



A post secondary destination for students who plan on finding employment upon earning their OSSD.



Apprenticeship is a program for people wanting to work in the skilled trades. Apprentices learn by doing. Most of the training is done on the job, with several short in-school components. Apprentices work towards becoming qualified tradespersons, or what are referred to as journeypersons. Some of the benefits of apprenticeship are:

·   You get paid while you are being trained

·   Once you are finished, you'll receive an excellent pay rate

·   You will have the satisfaction of seeing what you've accomplished


Students can start in an apprenticeship program while attending high school by participating in the school’s Co-op Program and registering with OYAP (Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program) if they have a co-op placement in the trades.  Their co-op teacher can assist them with the process of registering with OYAP


Students can also look at college websites (http://www.myblueprint.ca/peel, www.ontariocolleges.ca) to learn which colleges offer apprenticeship programs.


The Ontario Government also provides information regarding pursuing an apprenticeship at http://www.tcu.gov.on.ca/eng/employmentontario/training/.  Further information can be found at www.apprenticesearch.com.

As well, visit http://www.tcu.gov.on.ca/eng/employmentontario/training/financial.html to find out about government loans that are available to purchase tools needed for certain trades.



Visit www.ontariocolleges.ca and www.myblueprint.ca to find out general information about Ontario colleges.  This website will provide you with a list of all college programs offered in Ontario.

Students applying to Ontario college programs need a majority of their grade 11/12 high school courses offered at the college level.

Workplace type courses are not recognized by college programs.



Visit http://www.myblueprint.ca/peel and www.electronicinfo.ca to locate, compare and contrast Ontario University programs.

Visit www.ouac.on.ca for all other related information on Ontario Universities

Students applying to Ontario university programs must present at least 6 grade 12 (4U) university or (4M) university/college courses, including ENG 4U.


GAP Year

A GAP year can be a great way to improve on one's skills, discover areas of interest, help to develop a better idea of what one might want to do, develop employability skills, and earn money. Visit discovery year, gapforce, and gapwork for ideas for your GAP year!

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