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Welcome to RHSS
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to Rick Hansen Secondary School. Learn what makes our school great!  Take a virtual tour of the school to familiarize yourself with our building. Watch the gr. 8 parents' night curriculum broadcast or view the PowerPoint presentation. Hear about students' positive experiences. Learn about our gr. 9 EHS programs and course offerings. Please take time to view our website to learn about extracurricular activities students can become involved in; opportunities for student leadership; plus a variety of other information that we feel will help support you and your child through their high school journey.

Rather than tell you about RHSS, please take a virtual tour​ through our school to see our program areas. Also, I encourage you to listen to what students have to say about their positive experiences at Rick Hansen Secondary School by visting our school's YouTube channel​.

Learn about what RHSS has to offer by viewing our curriculum night presentation. You can also view this PowerPoint presentation​ that provides information about life at RHSS. If you don't wish to view the entire curriculum night streamed presentation, but would prefer to hear from specific departments, the chart below will let you know at which time teachers from each department begin talking. Also, please visit the RHSS YouTube channel​ to learn about subject areas.​


Department, Teacher​Presentation Start Time
​Guidance (Student Services), Mr. Carey Mottram
-school overview
-RHSS specialized programs
-Inclusive and supportive environment
-Transition supports for incoming gr. 9 students
-Diploma requirements
-Gr. 9 program
-EHS (regional) programs
​Arts, Mr. Bryan Ho​41:43
​Business Studies, Computer Science, and French, Mr. Brad North​​48:34
Social Sciences, ​Ms. Chery Breen​55:54
​English, Ms. Irene Frankland​1:01:16
​English as a Second Language (ESL), Ms. Jas Sidhu​1:10:35
​International Student Program, Ms. Sandra Richardson​1:15:53
​Mathematics, Ms. Heba Mousa​1:18:38
​Health and Physical Education, Ms. Bonnie Adams​1:30:30
​Science, Ms. Camille West​1:34:27
​Special Education, Mr. Ryan Maitland​1:40:51
​​Technology and Hospitality, Ms. Kathy Kennedy-Aylsworth​1:49:20

Our gr. 9 program offers students opportunities to have a successful, enjoyable and supported transition into and throughout their gr. 9 year, and for the duration of their RHSS experience. Students have lots of opportunities to become involved with school extracurricular activities, both sport teams​ and general interest clubs​. Opportunities are also available for students to take on leadership roles within these sports teams and general interest clubs. ​Teachers, link leaders, and peer tutors are available to support students with their transition and throughout their secondary school journey. The RHSS Guidance Counsellors​ work with students and parents to assist with academic, educational planning, and mental well-being supports. We all look forward to building relationships with parents and students as we work together on this high school adventure!

RHSS has two gr. 9 Explore High Skills Programs. If you (or your child) are interested in either Hospitality or Manufacturing, I highly encourage you to apply to your program of interest (or both) when the application window opens in November of each year. Please read more about our EHS programs in Hospitality and Manufacturing.

​Grade 9 Course Offerings

​SubjectCourse​Course Code​Subject​Course​Course Code
​English ​ ​​English (Academic - De-streamed)ENG 1D​Mathematics ​ ​​Mathematics (Academic - De-streamed)MPM 1D
​English (Locally Developed)ENG 1L​Mathematics (Locally Developed)MAT 1L
Geography ​ ​​Geography of Canada (Academic)CGC 1DScience ​ ​​Science (Academic)SNC 1D
​Geography of Canada (Applied)CGC 1P​Science (Applied)SNC 1P
​Science (Locally Developed)SNC 1L
​French ​ ​​French (Academic)FSF 1D​Health and Physical Education ​ ​​Healthy Active Living ​ (Co-gender)PPL 1O ​ ​
​French (Applied)


​French (Beginner)FSF 1O
Subject​CourseCourse CodeSubject​Course​Course Code
The Arts ​ ​​Visual Arts (Open)AVI 1OBusiness and Technology ​ ​ ​ ​ ​​Exploring Technologies (Open) ​TIJ 1O ​



​Instrumental Music - Beginner(Open)AMI 1O3

​Hospitality and Tourism (Open) ​



Business App Solutions





​Instrumental Music - Experienced(Open)AMI 1O5BTT 1O ​
Vocal/Choral Music (Open)


​Guitar (Open)AMG 1O​ 
​Dance (Open)ATC 1O
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​SPECIAL EDUCATION COURSE (for students with an IEP)
Special Education​Learning StrategiesGLE 1O ​ ​ ​
Core ESL ​ ​ ​ ​

​Stage 1


ESL AOESL Support Classes ​ ​ ​ ​​Canadian Geography ​CGC 1PL ​ ​ ​

​Stage 2

(Low Intermediate)


​Stage 3


ESL CO​Science ​SNC 1PL ​

​Stage 4

(High Intermediate)


Stage 5

(Bridge to Mainstream English)

ESL EO ​Learning StrategiesGLS 1OL
Dramatic ArtsADA 1OL

Grade 8 Course Selection Presentation​ - Important information students need to know about life at RHSS including the course selection process.

Gr. 9 course selection sheets (gr. 8 students selecting their gr. 9 courses)

Academic and Applied Type Courses Explained

Courses offered at Rick Hansen Secondary School - At Rick Hansen Secondary School, we offer an abundance and variety of courses and programs for student to take. Our courses cover a vareity of disciplines so that students (and their parents) have the ability to work with their Guidance Counsellor to map out their own pathway based on their interests, learning style, and intended post-secondary pathway. Please view the courses offered at RHSS​ to learn more.

As students enter their gr. 11 year, they have the opportunity to register for one of our Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) programs in either Manufacturing or Hospitality​ At RHSS, we are also very fortunate to be one of a few schools in the PDSB to be able to offer students courses in Healthcare (TPJ 3M and TPJ 4M)​. Our healthcare courses provide students interested in pursuing a healthcare related post-secondary education​ the opportunity to focus on the development of clinical skills needed to assess general health status as well as learn about accepted health care practices and about how to perform various procedures, using appropriate instruments and equipment.​ We also have a co-operative education program​ that enables students to gain practical experience in a job sector of interest, and, are able to provide students with opportunities through out co-op program to experience college courses at one of the GTA colleges.

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