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Business Studies


Department Members:


Mr. L. Bryan

Ms. A. Christie

Mr. R. Hopper

Ms. R. Lotey

Mr. H. Ulaganathan


The Business Department is comprised of a dynamic team of staff, who pride themselves of collaboration and cohesiveness. They work hard to deliver course programs that are current and relevant.


Everywhere you look, you see the world of business! It touches us all by addressing our needs, wants, our outlooks on the future, and security. Every time we enter a store or building, business is involved. When we make and eat food, business is involved. When we bank, business is involved. When we invest, business is involved. Even school has its business side too!

At Sandalwood Heights, the business teachers have long recognized that it is important for students to experience the impact that business has on their lives. Our courses cover:

  • the functions of business and the factors of production in the local and the international community
  • the role of management and labour
  • the basis of financial planning and accounting
  • the function of marketing
  • the role and responsibility that businesses have to conduct themselves in a corporate respo
  • the importance of information technology to the future of business
  • economic conditions affecting business and commerce
  • the entrepreneurial spirit of tomorrow's business men and women

Our Business SHSM program for grade 11 and 12 students engages learners in all pathways by providing stimulating, relevant reach ahead experiences and opportunities. Program emphasis covers a broad variety of disciplines including Marketing, Accounting, Finance, International Business, Management, Leadership, Information Technology and Entrepreneurship. The wide spectrum of topics will allow students, regardless of their pathway, to have ample opportunities to explore specific careers and gain better understanding of business trends.

ample opportunities to explore specific careers and gain better understanding of business trends.


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