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Department Head: Mr. C. Mezzina


"The Ontario mathematics curriculum must serve a number of purposes. It must engage all students in mathematics and equip them to thrive in a society where mathematics is increasingly relevant in the workplace. It must engage and motivate as broad a group of students as possible, because early abandonment of the study of mathematics cuts students off from many career paths and post-secondary options.


The development of mathematical knowledge is a gradual process. A coherent and continuous program is necessary to help students see the "big pictures", or underlying principles, of mathematics. The fundamentals of important skills, concepts, processes, and attitudes are initiated in the primary grades and fostered throughout elementary school. The links between Grade 8 and Grade 9 and the transition from elementary school mathematics to secondary school mathematics are very important in developing the student's confidence and competence."

                 -Excerpts from the Grade 11 and 12 Ontario Mathematics Curriculum, revised 2007


The Mathematics Department at Sandalwood Heights Secondary School is dedicated to helping students achieve their utmost potential by offering a full complement of courses, extra supports, and using various technological methods and tools.



The diagram provides an outline of the different pathways that a student can choose while studying Mathematics at secondary school.

It is recommended that students and parents consult their guidance counselor and subject teacher before entering grade 9 and throughout their secondary school studies to choose a pathway that suits the student's ability and interest. 

It is recommended that students maintain a minimum mark of 65% in order to proceed to the next step in their chosen pathway to ensure the best opportunity for success.



Q: How do I know if I should be in Applied or Academic mathematics?                                                          

A: Students who achieve an average of 70% in their grade 8 math strands generally experience success in the Academic pathway.

Q: Do I need to be in Academic Math to go to University?                                                                

A: NO! It all depends on which University program you choose.

Q: How do I know if I am in the appropriate level? 

A: If you maintain an average of 65% or higher, you are correctly placed in your Applied or Academic Pathway.

Q: I did really well in grade 9 Applied.  Can I switch into Academic Math in grade 10?                         

A: Of course you can! First you will need to complete a full credit of grade 9 Academic math in summer school.

Q: What if I have questions about the topics being taught?

A:  See your teacher during class or outside of class, or check out the list of resources below.


Resources Outside of the Classroom

A variety of resources and free programs in the school are available to provide extra support to students at Sandalwood Heights. 

  • Counting On You
    • An after school extra-help program held twice a week (3:00 pm to 4:30 pm). Qualified math teachers provide individual instruction and tutoring to students who need the extra support.  Small class sizes are maintained to maximize instructional time.
  • MyClass, D2L or Edmodo Website
    • An online resource page maintained by many of the mathematics teachers at Sandalwood Heights offering course information, homework, test dates, electronic versions of lessons, and links to other resources.  Students can access this resource to catch up on missed work and prepare for upcoming assessments 
    Mathematics Contests

      Grade 9 EQAO
      All grade 9 Academic and Applied Mathematics classes are required to write the EQAO test at the end of the semester in which they are taking their math course (January or June).  For more information, or to view sample tests, go to

      2015– 2016 Dates

      Semester 1:  January 14, 2016 (Booklet One) 

                             January 15, 2016 (Booklet Two) 

      Semester 2:  June 9, 2016 (Booklet One)

                             June 10, 2016 (Booklet Two)

      A variety of contests are offered throughout the school year to help students demonstrate their mathematics abilities in a competitive setting.  Some post-secondary institutions may use the results from these contests as part of their entrance requirements.

    ​Online Resources

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