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 Special Education


Department Head: Magdalena Homem


Special Education: Nancy Newman & Thompson Famoriyo


Contact Program: Max Tallarico & Laura Monaco (BTA)


ESL: Rukiya Sa'd


Alternative Programs: Trevor Rodie (SST) & (ILC)


The Student Services II department is comprised of 4 areas to foster the academic and social development of students.  Our department supports students in grade 9 to grade 12 who develop and learn at different rates and/or need to upgrade their English language skills.  Students are often referred to the classes and programs provided by the Student Services II department and our team works closely with the Student Services I (Guidance) department.


Special Education:  Students in our Learning Support 1 program receive one period of instruction by a special education teacher in the Learning Strategies course.  Students in the Learning Support 2 program receive academic assistance and monitoring by a special  education teacher.  All students who receive support from the Special Education team have access to our resource room 112A, throughout the day.  Students also have opportunities to enhance their learning through the use of Assistive Technology such as WordQ, Inspiration, Smart Ideas or Kurzweil.


ESL (English as a Second Language): At Sandalwood Heights SS, students can take up to five ESL courses towards their OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma).  Students in our ESL program receive enriched learning experiences that prepare them for academic English courses.  Our program also offers our students on-going support for continued success.

Contact Program (Positive Steps): The Positive Steps Program provides an atmosphere for students to identify  and evaluate the  behaviours they have chosen.  Students learn that they are responsible for their actions and that some come with consequences.   The goal of our program is to support students to develop skills in making better choices.


Alternative Programs (Student Success & ILC):  The School Success Teacher (SST) works with the Student Success Team to ensure the successful transition of our students when coming into high school and to support at-risk students in completing their OSSD.  The Independent Learning Centre (ILC) offers credit recovery courses as well as full credit courses that fit the interests and goals of our students.  Students who access courses through the ILC have courses tailored to meet their learning needs while maintaining high academic standards.

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