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Staff and students are assigned to one of four Villages (idea similar to house organizations in other schools) upon registration. The Stephen Lewis Villages are named after four Canadian heroes of social justice: June Callwood, Craig Kielburger, Agnes Macphail and David Suzuki. The smaller groupings within the school allow all students to feel connected in our large building and foster friendly competition and spirit among the Villages.


In our cafeteria and our main hallway, hang four large banners - as pictured above - which were created for us by Flags Unlimited. Each banner has a quote from the individual:


Kielburger: With determination, young people can make their voices heard.


Callwood: The only way to make the world safer for yourself is to treat others well.


Macphail: I want for myself what I want for everyone - absolute equality.


Suzuki: Each day you invent the future with the choices you make.



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