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Special Education


Learning Strategies (GLS 1O0)

All Grade 9 students who attend Stephen Lewis Secondary School are enrolled in the Learning Strategies program. This class is designed to help students with the transition to secondary school. The course focuses on:

  • helping students develop and maintain the learning skills necessary for success in high school. These skills include time management and use of the student agenda.
  • working with students on ways that they can be effective listeners and communicators.
  • teaching students strategies that they can use to help them feel more confident preparing for and taking tests. This includes looking at the language and types of questions that students will be exposed to when they write the Grade 10 Literacy Test.
  • working with students on discovering their personal learning styles and understanding how they can use their strengths to help them be successful at school.
  • helping students understand the different ways that they can deal with stress, anger and conflict.
  • looking at the student's role as a positive, contributing citizen in the school and in the community.
  • developing literacy and numeracy skills

A recurring theme that students will learn about and will be expected to put into practrice is The Seven Norms of Collaboration. These norms outline ways in which all people should communicate with each other. Practicing these norms helps people develop greater empathy for others and makes communication more effective.


   seven norms of collaborative work.pdf



Special Education Support

Students who attend Stephen Lewis Secondary School who have been identified through the In-School Support Program and Review Committee (IPRC) as having specific learning needs will receive support from Special Education staff. The type of support that a student can receive varies based on individual needs. Inquiries about Special Education support services at Stephen Lewis Secondary School can be directed to Mrs. L. Sawicki, Curriculum Head.

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