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Literacy Test: Words

The successful completion of the OSSLT (or the OSSLC)
is a requirement for a high school diploma.

These words might be seen in questions that students may have to answer while writing any school test or the OSSLT. Students should know what these words mean in order to answer questions thoroughly and correctly.



 Show how two or more things are similar or different. Provide examples.


State the meaning of a word or phrase.



Use words to create a mental picture of what is being discussed. Provide details in an organized way.



Show a solution to a problem. Show logic using words or numbers.



Write or talk about your judgment about the truth or importance of ideas.



Make an answer clear by being specific and including relevant, organized details. For language, use words. For math, use numbers or math symbols.



State the name of a person, place, thing, or object. Information must be relevant.



Use a picture or diagram to explain something or make an idea clear.



Give reasons, evidence or calculations to show why an answer, argument or conclusion is correct.



Write out information in point form.



Identify what may happen, based on information from a reading or math problem.


Show your work

Show all math calculations that you made to find an answer.



Write or talk about the main idea or the most important details. Use your own words.


Use Information from the reading to support your  answer


Use information from the reading or research to prove the main idea of the answer.

Use your own ideas to support your answer


Use your knowledge from prior experiences to support your answer. Make your answer relevant.
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