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Principal's Message
We Are...

High school is a time when we explore our strengths, interests, and identity: who we are.  Many years ago your parents held a vision of who you would become.  They began dreaming about your future and the things that you would do.  As you grew, the dream became yours.  In high school you begin to pursue your unique dreams.  The way we do things starts to change.  No longer do you move from one class to the next as one group walking in a single line always reaching the same destination together.  Now you leave your class and go your own ways.  Some find a place to shine on the stage or in the gym.  Others join clubs and support the community.  Some of you will find your way to the working world or to post-secondary education.  Whatever you do and wherever you go, remember...


We are . . .  a Community - As members of Streetsville Secondary School we share common

characteristics or interests but we are different from other school communities. Every member of the SSS community promotes inclusion, mutual respect and excellence.


We are . . .  Family - We share common attitudes, interests, or goals.


We are . . .  a School full of proud traditions - The history of Streetsville Secondary School dates back to 1958, 100 years after the incorporation of the Town of Streetsville.  ( visit the The Streetsville BIA's - History of Streetsville web-page)


We are . . . Staff - SSS staff are very committed to providing the best learning environment in the classroom and beyond.


We are . . .  Students – Developing curiosity and becoming life-long learners.


We are . . .  Leaders - Many of you have taken leadership roles in designing and creating the events that all have shared and are reviewing on these pages.


We are . . .  Unique – Every individual has enriched our stay at SSS and together we have created a fantastic experience.

And together,


 We are . . . TIGERS!



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