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Course Outlines

Curricular expectations and the types of assessment and evaluation strategies to be used will be communicated to students at the beginning of each course with the distribution of a detailed course outline.  The outline will also include a breakdown of the calculation of student marks.



Homework is described as those learning activities that are associated with the in-school program and which are completed outside the classroom. The amount and frequency of homework in each subject will be communicated to the student at the beginning of the semester.

The purpose of homework is to:

      ·    reinforce learning from the classroom

      ·    apply and process material learned in the classroom

      ·    supplement and support in-school experiences through related out-of-class activities

Homework completion will assist students to:

      ·    develop self-discipline and good work habits

      ·    develop positive attitudes towards independent study and lifelong learning.


Homework Buddy

Students are to arrange with a classmate, at the start of the semester, a "homework buddy".  In the event that one is absent, the buddy will take notes, collect homework and provide any information or missed work.  It is the responsibility of the absent student to make these arrangements and notify the buddy.



Deadlines are realistic in the normal working life outside of the school setting. Deadlines are also set as a reasonable management strategy for teachers so that student workloads can be varied and balanced.  We also set deadlines as a way of bringing closure to one unit of work. In addition this helps to establish appropriate learning skills and work habits within the context of the curriculum presented. It is the student’s responsibility to seek assistance from the teacher when he or she is unable to complete a task/assignment due to insufficient knowledge or skill. Be sure to advise the teacher of any difficulty well before a task/assignment is due.



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