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Regular and punctual attendance at school is essential. Students may be excused from school for reasons of personal sickness (including medical and dental appointments) or family emergency. Preferably, student absences may be approved by a phone call from a parent/guardian to the attendance office.  Alternatively, students are to bring a note from a parent/guardian stating the reason for and dates of the absence.  This should be submitted to the office upon return. Notes will be date stamped and filed in the main office for teacher reference. Parents may register to view attendance on-line at


 Attend to Participate

Each year our school sponsors several extra-curricular activities. In order to be eligible to participate you must have good attendance and be punctual. Prior to any event, the school administrators review the attendance for all prospective participants and may withdraw students who are not eligible. Students who correct their attendance pattern prior to the next event will have their privileges re-instated.


Extended Absence

Please avoid any planned absences, such as vacations, during the school year.  Any work that may be provided during the absence does not adequately replace class attendance.  Classroom lessons, discussions, questions and participation cannot be substituted or replaced.  Therefore, term marks are negatively affected.  As with all absences students are responsible for missed work.  When a student is going to be absent from school for reasons other than personal sickness or family emergency, the appropriate form is to be obtained from the office, completed and returned to the Vice-Principal before the special absence begins.


Late to School/ Signing In

Late students are to report directly to class.  Students who have a valid reason for their lateness are to sign in at the student office and provide a note.  Classroom teachers will follow up as necessary for lateness and skipping.  Students with chronic lates or skips may be referred to the school administration after the teacher has attempted to solve the problem and contacted parents/guardians.


Leaving School During the Day/Signing Out

If a student must leave the school for an appointment for part of a day, the student must bring a note to the office clearly indicating the date and the reason for leaving the school.  If a note is not provided, the office will need to contact a parent/guardian to verify the reason for leaving. Leaving school without signing out is not acceptable and such absences will be treated as skipping.


Students with attendance problems will be first dealt with by the classroom teacher who will contact parents. If an attendance problem persists, the student may be referred to the school administration.



 Computer Use Policy

The Students, Staff, and Administration wish to provide and maintain:

·         the highest level of computer technology and software access;

·         an environment of ownership and responsibility;

·         every opportunity for growth and development in the use of technology;

·         a safe and secure environment for personal work and files.

In order to preserve and protect these privileges, the following Computer Use Policy must be adhered to by all individuals at Streetsville Secondary School.


A) Laboratory and Technology Areas

1    No food or drink is to be consumed in computer areas / labs.

2    Any hardware or software problems must be reported to the teacher immediately.

3    Proper sign-in procedures must be used when using hardware.

4    Use the same computer every time your class is in a lab, unless instructed otherwise.

5    Work is to be carefully previewed before printing.  Do not send the same print job more than once.

6    Hardware is not to be removed, adjusted or damaged.

7    Care should be taken with coats, knapsacks and bags in and around computer areas.  They are not to be placed on computer tables.

8    Software settings are not to be altered.


B)   Software

1. Under no circumstance will unauthorized software or games be loaded or run at a computer or on the network.

2. Copyright laws are not to be violated.

3. Computer games are only permitted with the teacher’s consent.


C)   Network Access

     The following activities are not acceptable:

        Use of another’s password to trespass in work files.

        Unauthorized access to files and directories.

        Giving another student your login and password.

        The use of obscenity, foul language and racial slurs.

        Erasing, copying or damaging files.

        Knowingly infecting the system with a virus.

        Illegally copying software from the system.


D)     Use of the Internet and E Mail

Internet use for a purpose that is contrary to the school Code of Conduct and Computer Use Policy is strictly prohibited. This includes all forms of violence, threats and harassment directed at the staff, students or the school. This policy applies to school, work and home internet use.


It is expected that students will follow the same Code of Conduct in on-line communications that applies in all other school activities.

     1. The Internet is for academic use only and must be related to material under study in class.

     2. DOWNLOADING from the Internet onto the school network or local drives is not permitted.

     3. Inappropriate sites (as defined by the teacher) may not be viewed.  Accessing such sites will result in suspension.

     4. E mail cannot contain identifying information about the sender, any other students or the school. This includes addresses, telephone numbers, pictures and other personal information.

      5.  Students are responsible for all e mail sent from their account and must take care to protect access to the account by keeping their passwords secret and by logging off when they leave the workstation.


E) Mail Communication between Students, Parents and Staff


Acceptable Only Using a Peel District School Board Account:

  • Discussions specifically related to class activities-curriculum, homework, tests, special events.


  • Any discussion related to other students.
  • Personal information about other students.
  • Discussion about the personal life of the staff member or student (home life, vacations, relationships etc.)


All new students to Streetsville must co-sign with their parents or guardians and “Acceptable Computer Use” form acknowledging that they will adhere to the school Computer Use Policy and wish to be granted access to the Internet while at school.


Students should be aware that Peel Board Network Technicians and Teachers may view and disclose the contents of your files and your email messages, without consent, at any time.  Any non-school related material found will be removed without consent.

Consequences for computer misuse will result in school disciplinary action such as loss of computer privileges, office detentions, and suspension from school and / or police action.

Food and Drink

All members of Streetsville Secondary School are asked to consume food and drink only in the cafeteria, staff room or department offices.  


Pay Telephones

There are only 2 pay phones in the school.  Office telephones are not available to students.

Lockdown Procedure

In the event of a serious situation, a lockdown procedure will be initiated in the school. A "Lockdown" is defined by the Peel Regional Police as the restriction of movement during the time of a potentially serious violent incident.  During this situation:

 The Principal or Designate will:

ü  Call 911.

ü  Announce on the P.A. to "Initiate Lockdown Procedure".

ü  Ring the Bell Repeatedly.

Staff and students INSIDE the school and portables

during a lockdown:

ü Go to the closest room and close the door.

ü Lay on the floor away from doors and windows.

ü Remain on the floor until further directions are given.

ü Refrain from using cell phones.

ü Remain as quiet as possible.

Staff and students OUTSIDE the school during a lockdown:

ü All students and staff outside of the building are to move as far away from the building as possible and remain outside until further directions are given.

ü Administration may direct staff and students to move to the school evacuation site.

ü Exercise critical judgment to maximize safety.


Out of Bounds Areas

While classes are in session, students are expected not to be in the academic hallways.  During the main lunch periods (3&4), students may be in the halls outside the Guidance Office, the Main Office, the halls around the Cafeteria. Teachers on duty during lunch will be located throughout the school.  Students are expected to comply with a teacher's request to leave an area immediately.



Parking spaces are limited at Streetsville Secondary School.  Students are limited to park only in the south parking lot, east of the port-a-pak. Vehicles found elsewhere on school property will be subject to towing or liable for a fine from the Region of Peel by-law enforcement office.



Skateboards / Bicycles / Scooters / Rollerblades

and Sports Equipment

Bicycles should be placed and locked in the bike racks at the front of the school and should not be brought inside the school building.

Skateboards, scooters and rollerblades should not be on school property. Sports equipment such as balls, rackets, bats, and hockey sticks are not to be used inside the school building and must be stored in the Physical Education area. ALL VALUABLES SHOULD BE LEFT AT HOME. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.



Textbooks are very costly items loaned by the school for student use. Students must sign for, and return in the same condition, all texts loaned to them, or pay toward the replacement cost.


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