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Guidance Counsellors are available for appointments to discuss educational, career or personal concerns. The Guidance Department offers a university/college liaison program, study skills, exam preparation materials and career information.  Students are to listen to announcements for important information, check the Guidance bulletin boards, our Website: and students are to listen to announcements for important information.


Academic Records

Students' records are maintained in the Guidance Office.  Requests for transcripts or interpretation of these records must be made at least one full day before required.


Course Selection

Course selection is done early in the calendar year to provide necessary information for school organization for the following school year. Students are expected to carefully plan their course selections. Students must recognize that once the school year has begun, timetable changes are often not possible because of timetable restrictions.


Students are expected to take a full program (i.e. 4 credits each semester) in grades 9,10 and 11. A student within 6 credits of graduation must enroll in a minimum of 3 credits each semester.


Full Disclosure Policy

Provincial policy dictates that if a student withdraws from a Grade 11 or 12 course after five instructional days following the issue of a report card, the course withdrawal is permanently recorded on the Ontario Student Transcript. The percentage grade in the course at the time of withdrawal is recorded on the OST as well.


Community Service

As part of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma requirements, all students beginning with those who entered Grade 9 in September 1999 must complete 40 hours of volunteer work / community service before graduation. Information brochures and Activity Record Forms are available from the Guidance Office.


Tutorial Assistance

Tutorial help is available to students through their subject teachers.  The Math help room is also available during lunch periods. Senior students provide tutoring in most academic subject areas, during lunch hour or after school.



Library Resource Centre Services

All students are welcome to use the extensive resources available in Streetsville's library. A teacher librarian provides resources for curriculum support and encourages the development of the skills required for locating, evaluating, organizing and presenting information.  Students can obtain help with class projects, reading recommendations, materials for circulation and access to computers. Students found damaging books or taking books without proper sign-out procedures will lose all library privileges for the balance of the semester. It is also expected that students will pay for any damaged material.


Students must sign in at the desk and present a valid student card in order to use the computers. Any downloading or installing of software is forbidden. The computers are for schoolwork only, personal surfing or mail is not permitted. ALL COMPUTERS WILL BE MONITORED BY LIBRARY STAFF, USING A SOFTWARE SYSTEM DESIGNED FOR THAT PURPOSE.



The vitality of Streetsville Secondary School is demonstrated by the variety of its clubs, organizations and teams, all of which provide an opportunity for students to mature and to develop new skills.  Ownership of an activity card is expected of every student at Streetsville and necessary for participation in any activity including clubs, sports and dances.


Student Activity Council

The Student Activity Council works closely with school’s administration in order to bring attention to student issues and raise student voice in the decisions affecting them. S.A.C. also promotes student community involvement, leadership development and personal engagement through annual events and fundraisers.  Each year S.A.C. commits to improving the well-being of the school and community, as well as setting a positive climate for the spirit of the school. 


S.A.C. is organized into two councils. The Executive Council is elected through an application process and meets weekly.  The General Council is open to students in all grades and meets monthly to provide a platform to raise issues, generate event ideas, and provide leadership and organization experiences to all students. There is also an elected General Council made up of four representatives from each grade level.


Academic Competitions

Each year several agencies sponsor science and mathematics competitions at each high school grade level in order to provide an opportunity for students to test their academic abilities.





1. Academic Medal is earned upon graduation and is based on 16 courses taken at Streetsville Secondary School with a final mark of 80% in each of the 16 courses.

2. Activity Medal is earned if upon graduation, a student has accumulated 65 or more Activity Points while attending SSS.  An activity is a teacher supervised activity outside of a credit course requirement.

3. Athletic Letter is earned by accumulating Athletic Points for participating in SSS sports and Athletics.

* Junior 60 points,         *Senior 120 points,         * Elite 150 points



Student Athletic Association

This co-ed organization promotes athletics, and fosters school spirit and pride by organizing various fundraising activities and tournaments, and by helping to run intramural athletics. The group also organizes the annual banquet for all students who have been involved in extra-curricular sports.


Program Eligibility

Athletes have a responsibility to:

·       the coach and team to attend tryouts, practices and games.

·       Streetsville Secondary, its students and its staff, to represent our school with their best behaviour and conduct.

·       learn the most they can about a sport; learn fair play, learn to communicate and participate with others, and keep up with their academic studies.

·       maintain positive student behaviour in terms of attendance, punctuality and academic performance.

Information regarding specific team sports is available from the School Athletic Co-ordinator. Participation in extra curricular activities is a privilege.

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