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TL Kennedy Secondary School

Explore High Skills (EHS)​ is a Peel District School Board pathway program that allows secondary schools with Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) programs to offer a unique program choice for grade 9 and 10 students. TL Kennedy​ Secondary School's EHS program will focus in business and information technology.


Starting September 2016, grade ​9 students at TL Kennedy will have the opportunity to participate in unique learning experiences and focus on an area of interest as they build self-con​fidence, learn essential skills, and develop a sense of belonging in school and in the community. ​​


Our EHS business and information technology program

Focused Learning Activities allow students to connect classroom learning to career goals. At TL Kennedy, students will participate in a number of business-related experiential learning activities, including​:

  • a "behind the scenes" visit to Hewlett-Packard Company to learn about the technology industry
  • a visit to the Air Canada Centre to meet business leaders as they discuss advertising, sales, accounting and other aspects of the organization​
  • guest speakers from business leaders and local businesses who specialize in all areas of e-commerce, human resources, management and ICT
  • programming projects with a local company to develop interactive games for learning in Java
  • guest speakers from business leaders who specialize in 
  • a visit to meet top engineers at Canada's Wonderland, where top engineers will discuss the field of engineering, product development and marketing
  • FIRST Robotics events
  • Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) competitions​​

To prepare for learning and working in the sector, students participate in:

  • 20 hours of sector-related community involvement that count towards their 
    40-hour high school diploma requirement
  • experiential learning activities supported by business, community, and industry partners 
  • ​participate in exclusive traini​ng unique to their chosen sectors​
  • sector-recognized certification programs (e.g. First Aid, customer service, identity theft and many others at no cost)

  • myBlueprint to crea​te Individual Pathway Plans to establish short- and long-term future goals​ ​

Learning skills

TL Kennedy will focus on the development of specific learning skills, including:


  • as a team and individually, will assist and organize program-specific events
  • will be able to create products, establish priorities, manage time and complete industry certifications
  • will receive opportunities to gather, evaluate and use various technologies to complete sector-driven tasks
  • will receive personalized assistance with the development of goals and pathways
  • will attend reach-ahead, job shadowing, receive technical/business training at a college and/or business
  • will accept various SHSM roles and an equitable share of work in a group environment
  • will build healthy peer-to-peer relationships through personal, media-assisted interactions or through the use of robotics technology
  • will share information, resources and expertise and promote critical-thinking to solve problems and make decisions
  • will share opportunities to communicate with community partners


  • will be able to set individual goals and monitor progress towards achieving them
  • will be encouraged to seek assistance and clarification in a team environment
  • will be able to assess and reflect personal strengths, needs and interests, while being open to opportunities for change
  • will work towards identifying learning opportunities unique to secondary education

These skills are relevant to business and information technology as they bring real-life experiences to student learning.


Upon completion of the program, at the end of grade 10, students who have fulfilled all the requirements of the program will receive the EHS certificate and are able to​ continue onto the SHSM program.

For more information, contact TL Kennedy at 905-279-6540. To apply for this program, contact your grade 8 guidance ​counsellor or teacher.


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