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Course Selection Process


Students who are currently enrolled in a PDSB school will make course selections online via www.myblueprint.ca/peel.


  1. Log into myBlueprint through BYOD page. Your original submission has been re-allowed.
  2. Choose High School from the vertical menu on the left.
  3. Change each course to the MYP stream. Select the vertical ellipsis (three dots) in each course choice and select "change". 
  4. Filter by "Discipline", and scroll down to the MYP Grade 9 folder.  ALL MYP Grade 9 courses are found in this folder.
  5. Change each course to the MYP stream (note that all MYP courses end with an "8", except for Girls' Phys. Ed. PPL1O0).

 NB. MYP students take both grade 9 and grade 10 math (MPM1D8 & MPM2D8)


Students who are not currently enrolled in a PDSB school (DPCDSB, Private schools, etc.) will have to make a registration appointment with our Guidance office: (905)453-9220 ext. 601.

Appointments should be made by February 21st, though actual appointment dates may occur later.


Please also download and complete the following forms, and bring them to the registration appointment:

Registration Form.pdf

MYP Grade 9 Course Option Planning 2019.pdf

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