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Welcome back Trojans! First and foremost, S.A.C would like to thank you for becoming or

remaining actively involved in your school community! Please be aware that there are a couple of

changes to the Club Registration process this year.

  1. There is no longer one form that covers registration for the club itself, events and funding. They are now three separate forms; the Club Registration form, Event Registration form and Funding Registration form. Please note that the Club Registration form can only be handed in during the registration periods at the start of either semesters.
  2. The CLUB REGISTRATION FORM has a new clause stating that the Club Registration form MUST be resubmitted if there is any change to the information on file (see number 2)! Please carefully read and adhere to the change.
  3. The EVENT REGISTRATION FORM deadline has changed from one month prior to the proposed event to three weeks. Please plan accordingly. 
  4. The EVENT REGISTRATION FORM has two new clauses. Please see number 6 and number 7 and adjust accordingly. The link to the Collective Calendar will be sent to all club executives via email.
  5. The FUNDING REGISTRATION FORM now requires a cashflow statement from the previous year that is as accurate and as detailed as possible in order for consideration for funding. Please note that for new clubs, a detailed plan as to how the money will be spent will suffice.
  6. The MEMBER REGISTRATION FORM is due directly to the office three weeks after club approval. Club executive members are asked to inform SAC’s CAO when this has been done.

Please note that once the Club Registration due date has passed, SAC will NOT be accepting any more forms. Please try again the following semester. Once approved, clubs are encouraged to plan for participation in the Club Fair.

Thank you for your cooperation, SAC looks forward to receiving your forms! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact an SAC member!



Club Registration Form

Funding Request Form 

Event Registration Form 

AV and Tech Request Form



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