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Update on impact of postponement of EQAO Grade 9 math assessment in Peel secondary schools

Update on impact of postponement of EQAO Grade 9 math assessment in Peel secondary schools

​​Ontario students who are enrolled in a grade 9 applied or grade 9 academic math courses are normally required to take the EQAO Grade 9 math assessment. Since the grade 9 math assessment is entirely based on the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum, no special preparation is required.

Peel District School Board secondary teachers have been teaching the grade 9 math curriculum throughout semester one to students and will continue to work through the completion of the curriculum as semester one comes to an end. 

Given the impact of current job action by Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation (OSSTF) members on school boards' participation in EQAO, the Peel District School Board made the decision to postpone the EQAO grade 9 math assessment that was currently scheduled for January 2020. 

OSSTF members, including teachers and other education workers, will not participate in any EQAO preparation or testing. This includes the administration and marking of the assessment. Job sanctions also make it challenging to implement the accommodations, e.g. scribing, that many students rely on to be successful on the test. Given these challenges, students currently enrolled in math this semester will not participate in the EQAO grade 9 math assessment this January.

Peel board secondary schools currently include student work from the EQAO grade 9 math assessment as up to 10 per cent of a student's final mark for the grade 9 Mathematics course. Teachers will now account for the EQAO result within an existing evaluation that is currently part of a student's final 30 per cent. Teachers will use professional judgement to reallocate the up to 10 per cent with the best interests of students in mind.

During the Minister of Education's announcement yesterday, he indicated that Ontario students who do not take the EQAO grade 9 math assessment this January will need to take the test in June. The Peel board is waiting for further direction from the ministry and EQAO with regards to a make-up test for semester one students, recognizing that students who are taking grade 9 Mathematics in semester one may be at a disadvantage over students enrolled in the course in semester two. Once information is received and reviewed by Peel board staff, an update will be provided to staff, students and families.

We hope this information has been helpful in providing some context to the Peel board's decision to postpone and in understanding the steps being taken to address the impact of job action that led to our decision to postpone.

Thank you for your ongoing understanding.


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