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WCSS Hospitality Program – Chef Training

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Our students are always busy in the kitchens at West Credit! They cook for the Cafeteria and Breakfast Club, cater in-school and community events, and help to prepare and serve lunches in our school Bistro.


West Credit Hospitality students try new recipes and perfect our old favourites, like our hand-made pizzas, daily pastas & soups, fresh & flavourful salads, as well as beef, chicken, fish, and vegetarian dishes.


Our students learn to prepare foods that are good-tasting, and good for their health. We focus on preparing our foods from scratch. Our classes prepare our students for employment and provide them with valuable cross-curricular skills, like numeracy and literacy, which will encourage success in all fields of work.


There is never a shortage of important (large and small) events to help cater. In the past, our students have cooked and served for occasions such as the Great Start Parent Council Dinner, Peel Technical Skills Events, Meadowvale Theatre celebrations, and special holiday requests.


If you're looking for hands-on learning, with projects that are good enough to eat, West Credit's Hospitality Program is for you!


Our Hospitality Department was SNAPPED and published in the SNAP North Mississauga Paper! Check out the photos and write up here:


http://sChef Training Picture 2.jpgnapd.at/eem96h


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