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Did you ever wonder what students make in the bakeshop?  


Our students do many amazing things.  Our bakeshop has commercial mixers that allow large batches of breads (egg, raisin, cheddar cheese, and 9 grain).  We sometimes take our egg bread dough and make cinnamon buns!


When groups or individuals are celebrating special occasions, students prepare cupcakes, 8" round cakes and large slab cakes.  They also enjoy making Black Forest cake and Teddy Bear cakes.  For the very ambitious, we now know how to make a ginormous Rubik's Cube cake … numeracy in action!!  (For example:  How many slab cakes do I need to make if each slab cake is ___cm high and ___cm of icing is in-between each layer?)

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Pastry trays are prepared on a regular basis.  These are filled with 50 sweets, cookies and pastries, and are served at school functions at West Credit S.S., other schools, community groups and even individual families who like to celebrate!


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