Enhanced Learning Program
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1. How do I apply to get into the Enhanced Learning Program?


There is no application process.  Our program is a Special Education program designed to meet the needs of Gifted Learners.  The process is simple. 


  1. You must be deemed Intellectually - Gifted by the PDSB as indicated on an IEP (or waiting on the IPRC meeting).
  2. You live in our catchment area.  Map for Woodlands ELP area


There is no application process, no interview, and no portfolio required. 


2. Are there any limits to enrolment into the Enhanced Learning Program?


No!  The more students we have the better we can program to meet the needs of gifted learners.  Currently, we are one of the largest centres for gifted learning in Ontario, which allows us the flexibility to offer multiple opportunities to best meet the individual needs of our students.  Currently, about 40% of our student population is made up of gifted learners which affords the opportunity to have our students consistently work with like-minded individuals which is the greatest overall benefit to the program.  The more the merrier.


3. How do I arrange for transportation?


Once you've registered at The Woodlands and we've processed an IEP for you, the Peel board will automatically provide transportation.  Your child will be placed on a bus automatically provided that you live 3.8 km or further from the school.


4. What does transportation cost?


If you are eligible for transportation (see above) it is free.


5.  What if my child does not attend a Peel school or is not identified as Exceptional – Gifted by the PDSB?


Contact us.  If we can not help you we can direct you to the people who best can serve you.


6.  Is my child eligible for the ELP at The Woodlands School if he/she is in ISELP at their elementary school?


Your child is eligible for the ELP if he/she has been identified as Exceptional – Gifted through the IPRC process.

Some students are in an ISELP program but are not officially identified through the IPRC process as Exceptional – Gifted.  If you are uncertain about your students’ identification please contact your school administration.


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