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Enhanced Learning Program
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The Woodlands School is a Regional and Provincial Leader in providing innovative programming for those identified as Exceptional Intellectual-Gifted by the Peel District School Board’s Identification Placement and Review Committee.


Our program offers the largest Regional Gifted Program in Peel and has the widest selection of enhanced-level programming and services for our over 300 identified students.  We provide leadership opportunities, guidance, stewardship, advocacy and mentoring to help our students reach their full potential.


Our instructional program creates engaging classrooms with a focus on how the gifted brain receives information.  As our students progress through their educational journey at The Woodlands, the Enhanced Learning Program supports students in developing their unique skills and interests. 


We provide our Gifted students with opportunities to demonstrate their learning and understanding by extending their knowledge through curriculum extensions, trips, guest speakers and competitions. Our school also offers Specialist High Skills Major cohorts in Arts and Culture, as well as, Health and Wellness. The Woodlands School offers a multitude of eclectic clubs and activities for your child.  The Woodlands enhances the educational experience and challenges our students to go beyond the curriculum to achieve personal excellence.

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