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Enhanced Learning Program
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To maximize the education potential of your enhanced student can come at personal sacrifices and challenges. 


Effect Size:

There is considerable evidence that the most important strategy to implement is having gifted students clustered with other students of equal ability.   The Effect Size of regional enhanced programming is 0.62 (accelerated learning 0.27) - Ours is the largest enhanced centre – 300+ students.  This is your best bet.



We have talented, creative teachers with a wealth of experience with gifted students. They use classroom strategies that are supported by the literature.  We also have 3 Coordinators for the gifted program to work with students, teachers, parents, and community.  The school has been a centre for gifted learners for over 20 years with a great mix of experienced teachers and new ones.


Coordinated Program

We have:

  • Full time coordinators organizing the program.
  • Skills continuum.  Each department has identified key goals directly leading to being successful in post secondary fields.
  • Clearly articulated gifted programming, as can be seen course outline.
  • Website for enrichment opportunities and communication with parents.
  • Direct mentoring and support for all students.
  • Working directly with community groups to increase student opportunities and exposure.

Leadership within the board     

The ELP team at The Woodlands is the board leader in gifted education.  Many board policies were initiated and implemented here first.  The Woodlands is looked to as the source of translation to bring theory into practice.  This leadership is spread through formal and informal Professional Development.

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