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Enhanced Learning Program
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The ELP offers our students programming in the core subject areas of English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science to meet their learning needs.  An enhanced section is comprised fully of gifted learners.  The research clearly shows this engages students in a dynamic learning environment where they are often co-developing and creating the concepts that are covered in a given course. There is greater latitude in allowing students to explore concepts as deeply as they choose.  As enhanced classes are comprised of like-minded students, a culture of challenge and exploration is the natural tendency and consequently the strongest facet of this program. 


To formally address their learning needs, we employ a set of alternative expectations that allow for students to develop higher levels of creativity and critical thinking (Critical Thinking list breakdown.doc) than would normally be emphasized in a standard curricular class.  As a result, our students typically achieve at extremely high levels of accomplishment due to the fact that their lesson activities are much more demanding. 


Mentor teachers are assigned to each student who will work with them throughout the entirety of their stay at The Woodlands.  This mentor teacher is there to help guide the student both academically and socially to ensure that their high school experience is maximized.  These strong personal connections help facilitate a deeper sense of community for our students in the Enhanced Program and the school at large.


The Woodlands School faculty are well-equipped and prepared for a classroom of Enhanced Learners.  The Woodlands has been a magnet for Gifted Learning for over 20 years.  The faculty continually attend professional development opportunities to stay current on the latest research in Gifted Learning and how to best engage our students in their learning. 

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