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            DECA Woodlands


DECA is an international association for secondary school students interested in business.  Ontario has 232 chapters (school clubs) and approximately 8,500 members. Students from the US, Canada, Korea, and Germany compete at levels of increasing difficulty from the regional, to provincial (Ontario) to international.  DECA offers the opportunity for students to develop business acumen, interpersonal skills and confidence. They demonstrate leadership and professionalism in the business community through attendance at conferences and competitive events.  ICDC is the highest level of competition within DECA. At ICDC, approximately 15,000 students will participate in leadership development activities and academic competitions.   Just over 500 students from Ontario high schools will attend this year’s DECA ICDC – 54 of those from The Woodlands School.  This is a phenomenal accomplishment – 8 percent of the provincial team from one school!  


From its inaugural year 2001-02, DECA Woodlands has achieved success.  The club has grown from an initial membership of 11 to its current 140.  Students have qualified for ICDC every single year – wow! Woodlands students have earned accolades each including first place trophies in Business Law and Ethics and in Financial Management.  Second place trophies have been earned in Accounting, Business Law and Ethics, Advertising Campaign, Travel and Tourism Management, and Virtual simulations.




- In February, DECA Woodlands took part in the 35th annual DECA Ontario Provincial 

  competition. Our membership of 109 members was a fraction of the 6000+ emerging 

  entrepreneurs and business leaders in attendance at the event.  DECA Woodlands members

  won 124 medals, nine first-place plaques, eight second-place plaques and four third-place   

  plaques. In total, 56 students (an incredible 52% of our participants!) qualified to compete at

   the International Career Development Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.


- At the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) in Atlanta, Georgia in May 2014, 

  The Woodlands team put in an outstanding performance returning with:

            10 trophies (3 first place, 2 second, 5 third)

            59 medals (for top place in multiple choice oral presentation)


 We are very proud of the efforts of every single member of our DECA international team as well   as those students who qualified and chose not to compete at ICDC this year.  Good work and  thank you to all for your dedication and efforts on behalf of Woodlands DECA


                                                         Ms.Hopwood-Jones, Mr. Kake and Ms. Liz McBryan 


   Please see our School Showcase for pictures of the 2014 ICDC event

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